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100 Posts on Instagram!

For the 100th Post on Instagram here is the full message written by Marco:

“I hoped that the number 100 post on Instagram could be a picture taken by me. In fact, by scrolling through my profile, I have counted very few shots made by me.

One hundred posts are not many (Chiara Ferragni produces that number in just over a month. I know I know, she’s a fashion blogger). Last Saturday, in Ustica, I gave up to the fact that the shot number 100 could not be mine.

I spent most of my life in places near the sea where I could study, write, work.

I studied a lot near the sea.

Of algebra, physics, PHP, literature, poetry, SEO, communication, photography, music production … And I also wrote a lot. IT architectures, songs, projects, training programs, Karate lessons … Under the Omo Morto lighthouse, I was at the sixth page of notes when Mica, secretly, took this and other photos. You can not see me and I’m not in a beautiful position. But she caught a situation that I have lived for a lifetime. A situation that still inspires me.

It does not matter whether it is Mondello, or Sferracavallo, or Capo Gallo, or the Zingaro or Ustica. I have always been in the beauty of Palermo and of the #Sicily. I visited #NewYork#London#Paris#Rome#LosAngeles#Milan#Dublin#Prague#MonteCarlo#Berlin and many other cities.

The sights, the smells, the tastes and the sounds of my Sicily are a mix that I have not yet found anywhere else. A mix that still inspires me and illuminates me in the most obscure and hidden places of my mind.

A few weeks before the release of Margherita I dedicate the post number 100 on Instagram to Palermo. And to its beauty.
To Palermo and to the Palermo people who have signed most of the shots of my posts.
Good 2018 summer, friends and followers.

From a Sicilian.

From Palermo.”

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