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Lenny is waiting for himself
noise and dust and muddy stone
witches cannot be fooled that way
and some mirrors always lie
once there

Half bourboun burns a soul tonight
the wetness cannot start to burn
destinies, sometimes they will change
and ride the sky, every thrill
thanks to some rules someone dies
who get the cash, will not speak
A breathless night is going ahead
listens dreams that he did not
bad sins completely discounted
Lenny goes away

In the middle of every storm
footnotes service, every page
here none chooses when living out
but sometime a few choose to leave
for every dream that never dies
who wants to pay, every pain?
if priceless then, it’s just a soul
but how it will be?


FIRST RELEASE: "Really Don't Know", 2015

Cover EP - Really Don't Know